Veracity Connect is the perfect complement to your existing surplus asset management and investment recovery programs. If you don't have a formal program, that's ok too.

List your supplies anonymously today and let Veracity Connect handle the rest. It's easy!

1. Join Veracity Connect

(free membership)       

2. Photograph Inventory

Go to yard or warehouse and photograph your used machinery, surplus equipment and excess materials.

3. Create Listings

Send us your photos and item details (manufacturer, make, model, quantity, condition, description, location, target sale price).

4. Accept Offers

Veracity Connect will create and market your listings, review all offers with you, secure agreement and payments, connect you to buyer to arrange delivery or pick-up.

It’s easy to list and sell your used air compressors, generators, electric meters, gear reducers, centrifugal pumps, fuel storage tanks, transformers, turbines, utility poles and even glass insulators. 

Every time you list a new asset, piece of machinery or used equipment, Veracity Connect will email it out to interested buyers from our database of thousands of members.

As the offers come in, the Veracity team will review them with you and handle all negotiations and acceptances on your behalf. 

Once an agreement is in place and payment has been secured, your buyer will receive your contact details to arrange shipping or pick-up.