Hubbell / Chance Substation & Line Hardware

Hubbell / Chance Substation & Line Hardware

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Variety of Hubbell / Chance Substation & Line Hardware

  • AC041414 Deadend Uni-Grip Assy QTY 12.00
  • 2137095002 Arrester 10/8.4kV MCOV Dist Optima Pdv-100 QTY 133.00 
  • PSSE3418CW Bolt Shoulder eye .750 x 18in CSA QTY 47.00
  • STT130 Tie Top 556.5ACSR .860-.977in Gold QTY 26.00 
  • P300052S1020 Insulator Horz Post Poly 138kV HCTop/Al Gain Base 3in Rod QTY 41.00
  • 625LRTP Bushing 25KV Load Reducing 600A to 200A QTY 20.00
  • 2171 Pin Pole Top 24in 3-hole Lead 1in QTY 20.00
  • BPCS0804 Spacer Cable Brz .811-1.031 QTY 56.00   

AND MORE.... See complete list of available items in pdf attachment.

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ManufacturerHubbell / Chance
ModelSubstation & Line Hardware
Stock Number003396
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