3M Electrical Products & Supplies

3M Electrical Products & Supplies

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Variety of 3M Electrical Products and Supplies

  • Cold Shrink Connector Insulator 2/0 Awg
  • Kit Splice 4/0 15kV Cold Shrink QS-III MV-90 Cables Insulation OD min .84in max 1.38in
  • Termination Kit Silcone 46kV 600-1500 kcmil
  • Kit Splice 
  • Splice QS 25kV 500-1000mcm 
  • Tape Electrical Shielding 1in x 100Ft This is an All-Metal Flat Open Weave S
  • Pad Vinyl Mastic 6-1/2 in X 4-1/2in Black 125mil Self-Fusing All Weather
  • Pad Scotch Brite General Purpose 
  • Kit Splice 
  • Splice 600v coldshrink 
  • Splice 600v cold shrink 
  • Tape Glass Cloth Electrical 1 1/2inx60yd 
  • Kit Grounding 500-1000mcm JCN 
  • Termination Kit

AND MORE.... See complete list of available items in pdf attachment.

Check 3M website for more specs and details at www.3m.com


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