STI 3503B Substation

STI 3503B Substation

Pricing for Substation & Transformer. Also see listing #003376

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STI 3503B Substation

Surround Technologies Inc 3503B skid mounted E-house (Drilling Skid):

Connection Box for 600V, 6000A Input from transformer

600V, 6000A 3/p, 4/w, 60kAIC Switchgear

75kva 600-120/208v Transformer

120/208V, 3/p,4W, 10kAIC Switchgear

Siemens Equipment

Power control and monitoring equipment

Climate control equipment (HVAC)

Battery Back-up System

Generator Connection


Model3503B Substation
Serial Number782451063284
Stock Number003371

Additional Features

Never Installed:

Complete package consists of this e-house plus:

- Item 003376 - 5MVA transformer - 34.5kv-600V, 6000A busbar output
- Item 003375 - Siemens 3/p 600A 35kv Vacuum Circuit Breaker
- Item 003372 - Turner 72.5kv Air break switch

Interconnecting cables needed for a complete system.