1998 Pioneer 3Ph 3 mVA Transformer

1998 Pioneer 3Ph 3 mVA Transformer

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Lot# 2, 1 Unit

1998 Pioneer 3Ph 3 mVA Transformer

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Model3Ph 3 mVA Transformer
Serial NumberG-9891-2
Stock NumberAE-003471
Transformer Mounting StylePad-Mount
kVA Rating3 mVA
Primary Voltage(s)24940 V
Secondary Voltage(s)4160Y / 2400

Additional Features

Pcs per pallet: 1
Make: Pioneer
HV: 24940Y
LV: 4160Y/2400
PCB Content (ppm): <2 nameplate
Weight: 20020 lbs
Litre oil: 2780 L
Skid Size L/W: 152/81/83
Year: 1998