We’ve all seen the news about how Ukraine’s electrical grid is being heavily targeted recently. The situation is not good, and there’s a desperate need for replacement equipment this winter.

Since November, Veracity has been in regular communication with government agencies, NGOs, suppliers and the Ukrainians directly, clearing a path through the red tape for our 3,000+ North American energy sector members to help out.

Worldwide funding to rebuild damaged infrastructure has been pouring in and a priority requirement is the transmission network. Today, Ukraine needs to deploy those funds to buy Autotransformers to regain grid capacity. Just about any condition equipment could help - new/unused through decommissioned/end-of-life or faulty/repairable. 

Technical specifications are attached. Procurement & logistics are on standby. Please contact us right away if you can help. Also do read the following description of the latest situation directly from our main contact in Ukraine.

Starting from October 2023, Ukraine’s power system has been suffering from massive missile and drone attacks, with more than 90% of the hits being targeted against Ukrenergo’s high-voltage transformers 750/330 kV and 330/110 kV. 


As of today, the restriction of total consumption exceeds 40%. At the same time, after covering the needs of critical infrastructure, we have only 35-40% left of the required amount.


This situation is exacerbated by a significant drop in temperature during the winter season. If the…missile strikes continue and our autotransformers are not restored, these circumstances could lead to a severe humanitarian catastrophe.


In this regard, we ask for your kind consideration of a possibility to analyze your existing transformer fleet and find the following autotransformers of the voltage classes 765/345 kV, 345/138 kV and 230/115 (detailed technical requirements in attachments):


1.       With almost expired lifecycle or expected to be decommissioned soon.

2.       Decommissioned autotransformers that are still in working conditions.

3.       Autotransformers, the extraction of which from your network will not result in a noticeable additional load on the remaining autotransformers and will not lead to any restrictions to your consumers.

4.       Broken autotransformers, the repair of which will not take a long time.

We must not let innocent people needlessly freeze this winter. If you even think you might be able to help, please contact Glenn via gp@veracityamg.com or call 1-866-694-1252

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