Hubbell Power Systems Supplies

Hubbell Power Systems Supplies

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Variety of Grid Solutions Supplies

  • Clamp Susp 795 ACSS Angle HiTemp Operation w/ Socket Eye
  • Insulator Horz Post Poly 138kV HCTop/Al Gain Base 3in Rod
  • Terminal Jumper Pad Straight 795 ACSS 
  • Connector Term 1272MCM 
  • Support Bus Al Weld T-I 3inIPS 3inBC 
  • Enclosure Metering Package 15kV 3ph 200A Padmount Primary 54in x 54in x 51in
  • Arrester 10/8.4kV MCOV Dist Optima Pdv-100
  • Tee Tap Cmprsn 336.4ACSR w/4 Hole Pad Cable To Pad
  • Sleeve Jumper 
  • Plate Yoke 50K Comes with Ring Mounting Hardware
  • Switch AR Horz 28kV 150Bil w/extra pipe 
  • Connector Cmprsn Tee AL M:3/0-477ACSR T: 
  • Deadend Comp Uni-Grip Double Tongue Adjustable Clevis F/954 ACSR 45/7 Without Terminals
  • Deadend Uni-Grip Assy 

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ManufacturerHubbell Power Systems
Stock Number003396
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