Eritech_Cadweld Ground Rods, Molds, Horizontal Tees, Wire, etc

Eritech_Cadweld Ground Rods, Molds, Horizontal Tees, Wire, etc

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Variety of Eritech-Cadweld Supplies

  • Mold Weld Tee 500 Kcm Run To 19#6 CW Tap Use 2ea 150 Weld Metal
  • Rod Ground 5/8in x 4ft 10mil CU Clad Sectional Threaded
  • Mold Weld 4/0 Thru Cable Plus Two Cable Tap Top 5/8in Ground Rod Use 250 Weld Metal
  • Mold 4/0 Cable to 5/8in Ground Rod 
  • Cadweld Cartridge Size 200 W/Retainer Disc Do Not Use Use 200 Cadweld
  • Mold Weld One Shot 2/0 Strand To 3/4in Ground Rod Everything Included Except Ignitor This Is A Disposable Mold
  • Connector Welded Mold 750MCM to 500 MCM 
  • Weld Metal Traditional 45 Gram Tubes Copper Oxide And Alum Mixture W/One Metal Disk For Each Tube Std Pkg 20
  • Mold Weld 2/0 Through Cable To 5/8in Ground Rod Use 115 Weld Metal
  • Mold Hortizontal Tee 3/0 Run 2/0 Tap 
  • Clamp Grnd Rod 5/8in to 2/0 Brnz 
  • Stud Driving Ground Rod 3/4in Nominal Threaded Ground Rods
  • Mold One Shot 5/8in Rod to Solid 2/0 1/0 Stranded 1/0 #1
  • Weld Metal Plus 65 Gram Dark Green Electronic Control Required To Ignite

AND MORE.... See complete list of available items in pdf attachment.


ModelGround Rods, Molds, Horizontal Tees, Wire, etc
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