ABB Transformers, Connectors, Conduit & Fittings

ABB Transformers, Connectors, Conduit & Fittings

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Variety of ABB Transformers, Connectors, Conduit & Fittings

  • Arrester Elbow 10kV for 25kV interface 
  • Transformer Current 25kV 50/5 KOR-15C Outdoor rf3
  • Transformer Current 25kV 25/5 KOR-15C Outdoor rf3
  • Elbow Kit 600a DB 15/25k w/TP 
  • Transformer Current 100:5 KON-11 Outdoor Rf3 15Kv
  • Transformer Current 10:5 KON-11 Outdoor Rf3 15Kv
  • Connector 1in Liquid-Tight Str 
  • Connector Conduit Straight 3in Insulated Steel Liquidtight Flexible Metal
  • Bushing Conduit Galv 6in 
  • Nut Lock 3i Dia Conduit Galv 
  • Elbow Repair Term #2str Al 200A 15kV 
  • Connector Mech Grd Stud AL 4hole 
  • Splice Cu Tinned 2 
  • Tee Bltd Al 1in IPS Tube To 2-Hole Pad
  • Sleeve Comp Full Tension F/#4 ACSR 6/1 And 7/1
  • Transformer Current 15kV 50:5 Outdoor Type 110Kv Kor-11
  • Connector H-Tap Alum 477-4/0 Main To 336-266 Tap Compression
  • Bushing Insulated Non-metallic 3in For use with Rigid/IMC Conduit
  • Connector Well Reducer With Stud

AND MORE.... See complete list of available items in pdf attachment.

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ModelTransformers, Connectors, Conduit & Fittings
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