Hoppecke & Enersys Lead Acid Batteries Hoppecke VM2-1440 & Enersys 13OPzS1625

Hoppecke & Enersys Lead Acid Batteries Hoppecke VM2-1440 & Enersys 13OPzS1625

Price per set of 59 batteries

Available quantity: 4

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Hoppecke: VM2-1440 and Enersys: 13OPzS1625 vented lead-acid batteries. 4 sets of 59 batteries per set. Total of 236 Batteries. They are currently in storage being charged and maintained.

Make an offer to get these for a approx. 1/3 of the $300K Market value when purchased new.

Owner wants these gone by the end of the month

Hoppecke: VM2-1440 (2 sets of 59 batteries, totalling 118 batteries)

Series OSP.HC: grid | power V M 2-1440

Type: 16 OSP.HC 1360

C10/1.80 V: 1440 Ah

C5/1.77 V: 1294 Ah

C3/1.75 V: 1147 Ah

C1/1.67 V: 857 Ah

Weight: 104.2 kg

Weight electrolyte: 25.8 kg (1.24 kg/l)

max. Length: 215 mm

max. Width: 277 mm

max. Height: 710 mm

Enersys: 13OPzS1625 (2 sets of 59 batteries, totalling 118 batteries)

Cell Type: 13 OPzS 1625

Nominal Voltage: 2 V

Number of Terminals: 6

Nominal Capacity:

  • 10 hr rate: 1910 Ah
  • 8 hr rate: 1969 Ah

Length: 214 mm

Width: 399 mm

Height: 820 mm

Moist Charged Cells:

  • Weight: 102.1 kg
  • Electrolyte Volume: 30.1 L

Filled & Charged Cells:

  • Weight: 140.0 kg
  • Electrolyte Volume: 39.6 L

Short Circuit Current: 10400 A

Internal Resistance: 0.19 mΩ

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ManufacturerHoppecke & Enersys
ModelLead Acid Batteries Hoppecke VM2-1440 & Enersys 13OPzS1625
Stock Number003576

Additional Features

Typical applications:
- Power Supply Systems
- Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
- Traffic Systems: Signalling; Lighting

Your benefits:
- Very good high-current capability – low investment costs due to innovative electrode structure
- Very high expected service life – due to optimized low-antimony selenium alloy
- Higher short-circuit safety even during the installation – based on HOPPECKE system connectors
- Extremely extended water refill intervals up to maintenance free – optional use of AquaGen® recombination system minimizes emission of gas and aerosols