MacLean Power Systems Equipment and Supplies

MacLean Power Systems Equipment and Supplies

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Variety of MacLean Power Systems Supplies

  • Arrester Station 108kV MOV 
  • Deadend Auto Guy 7/16in .392-.455 17-1/4inL
  • Insulator Post Clamp Top 138kV Polymer Gray Horizontal Mount Crate qty is 18pcs
  • Crossarm Mounting Bracket 3/8 Thick Angle Pc
  • Crossarm deadend FG braceless 11ft 4x6 light duty heavy centermount 2 wire pos driller per Consumers specs
  • Splice Reducer Cu #3sol/#4str-#4sol 6a-8a
  • Crossarm 2in x 4in x 60in Long Steel 
  • Insulator Hardware Assm 
  • Bracket Equipment Mntng Galv 
  • Shackle Anchor 40K Forged Steel Hot Dip Galvanized 40000lb Includes Bolts
  • Bracket Mntng for 15000 lb pole band 
  • Rod Extension 1in x 3-1/2ft w/coupling Galv Steel
  • Deadend Auto CU 3/0 Sol 2/0 Str 
  • Link Eye PEL 15/16in Eye Hole Dia. 15 000lbs Tensile Strength Rating
  • Clevis Eye 90deg 30 000lb 

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ManufacturerMacLean Power Systems
ModelEquipment and Supplies
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