Boca Wire Supplies

Boca Wire Supplies

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Total for entire lot was $20,809 USD when originally purchased by seller.

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Variety of Boca Wire Supplies

  • Wire Cu Clad 19 #6 .810 Dia 40% DSA Copper Clad Steel
  • Wire 4 4/C XLP 1000Ft Rls 
  • Wire Sparrow 2-6/1 ACSR OH 
  • Wire 1/C #4 600V 7 Strnd CU 
  • Wire 1/C #4 600V 7 Strnd CU 
  • Wire 1/C #4 600V 7 Strnd CU 
  • Wire 2/0 SoFt Drawn Bare Cu 19 Strnd 
  • Wire #16 Cu 26 x 30 Strnded 
  • Wire #16 Cu 26x30 600V Wht 

AND MORE.... See complete list of available items in pdf attachment.

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ManufacturerBoca Wire
Stock Number003388
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