Transformers and Regulators


Transformers and Regulators

1d Canada East (Ontario)


Transformers and Regulators This listing is for the purchase and removal of the following transformers and regulators

Location 1:

Courtaulds TB5 (transformer®ulator) 21 MVA Moloney Oil Filled Transformer Core&Coil: 49300 lbs Tank:26700 lbs Oil: 2448 Gal Build 1987

Ferranti-Packard Voltage Regulator 25,000/33300 kva Core&Coil: 12300 lbs Tank: 12150 lbs Oil:2080 Imp Gal Built 1971

Location 2:

EOP Main Sub T1 15/20 MVA Moloney Oil Filled Transformer Core&Coil:28593 lbs Tank: 19616 lbs Oil: 6164 liters Built 1980

Location 3:

Boundary Spare Regulator Ferranti-Packard 1000 kva Core&Coil: 6700 lbs Tank: 4900 lbs Oil: 820 gal

Location 4:

Rosemount Regulator Ferranti-Packard 18000 lbs without case & oil Oil: 1900 gal Serial 265157


Stock Number003090