Waterloo North Transformer Decommissioning

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Waterloo North Transformer Decommissioning Decommission 3 Substations MS#5 - 66 Weber St, Waterloo Batteries: NiCad Breakers: 3 Westinghouse Oil Circuit Breakers 1 ITE Circuit Breaker Switchgear: Westinghouse Mfg 1953 Metering: Current Transformer (Westinghouse) Type                   RCT-15 Potential Transformer(Westinghouse) Transformer: 6000 kva Moloney Core&Coil: 17,600 lbs Tank&Fitting: 6,600 lbs Oil: 665 Gal DS#34 4808 Fountain St, Woolwich Transformer 2000 kva Reliance Electric Core&Coils: Tank&Fitting: Oil Mfg: 1952 MS#1- 17 William St, Waterloo Batteries (18 total): NIFE M202-2 CODE EMN , 17 AMP HOUR. (18 batteries total) Breakers (6 total): WESTINGHOUSE PORCEL-LINE AIR CIRCUIT BREAKER,50 DH-P 250,RATED KV 4.16,MAX KV 4.76,BIL KV 60,CYCLES 60, RATED AMPS 1200,RATED MVA 250,MAX AMPS 37500,MOM AMPS 60000,TRIP VOLTS 24VDC,95-125VAC CLOSING, 115VAC MOTOR,MECHANISM SE,SHOP ORDER 34B1669-1,SERIAL NO. 5,DATE OF MFGR 8/73 Cables: 100’ of 400MCM (12 runs) from transformer into building, 6 runs per transformer Switchgear: Westinghouse 1200A from 1973 Two Packard 3000 kva Transformers Core&Coil: 15,800 lbs per transformer Tank: 7,140 lbs per transformer Oil Volume: 1000 Gal per transformer


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