Steam Turbine GT-103

Steam Turbine GT-103

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Steam Turbine GT-103 Technical Design Data: Steam turbine control is implemented in ABB analog control system. The turbine auxiliaries are implemented in main DCS and the data exchange between the two systems is hardwired. (All Descriptions, Specifications and Features are correct to the best of our knowledge. Interested buyers should verify before purchasing). (All equipment must be moved by approx May 11th, 2020. Buildiing is under demolishion and the Turbine side of the building will begin in approx 3 weeks from April 20. Act now if interested!). HP Turbine: The HP steam turbine, is a horizontal shaft, single admission, single extraction, multi-stage, straight impulse type, non-condensing turbine with 11 stages and is coupled to generator through a reduction gear. Manufacturer:                                                             ABB Model:                                                                         VAX HT16 Rated Economical Output, Turbine Coupling             12730 Kw Rated Maximum Output, Turbine Coupling                14430 Kw Rated Speed                                                               10059 rpm Overspeed Trip Setting                                               11065 rpm Normal inlet stem pressure                                         6300 KPA Normal Inlet Temperature                                          482 Deg. C Exhaust Pressure, economical Load                          800 KPA (a) Axial Displacement Trip Setting                                 0.45 mm Gross Output                                                              31.3 MW HP Steam Pressure                                                    7620 kPa (max) IP Steam Pressure                                                     915 kPa (max) LP Steam Pressure                                                    230 kPa (max) LP Turbine: The LP steam turbine is a horizontal shaft, single admission, single extraction/induction, multi-stage, condensing turbine with 9 stages and is coupled to generator through a flexible coupling. Model:                                                                         VAX LT25 Rated Economical Output, Turbine Coupling             18300 Kw Rated Maximum Output, Turbine Coupling                20100 Kw Rated Speed                                                               3600 rpm Overspeed Trip Setting                                               3960 rpm Normal inlet stem pressure, economical Load           800 KPA Normal Inlet Temperature, economical Load             222 Deg. C Exhaust Pressure, economical Load                          6.9 KPA (a) Axial Displacement Trip Setting                                 0.65 mm Reduction Gear Technical Design Data: Manufacturer:                                                             Flender-Graffenstaden Type:                                                                           (No. TX 45/2) (No. 4064) Input Speed                                                                10059 rpm Output Speed                                                              3600 rpm Reduction Ratio                                                          2.8 : 1 Main Turbine Turning Gear Technical Design Data: Manufacturer                                                              Flender-Graffenstaden Model                                                                          CA 122K Gear Ratio                                                                  20.23:1 Speed                                                                          84 rpm Main Turbine Turning Gear Motor: Type                                                                            LS 254T Voltage                                                                        575 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 Ph Motor Rating                                                               11 kw Speed                                                                          1800 rpm Main Turbine Turning Gear Clutch: Model                                                                          36 T RH Miscellaneous Equipment Gland Seal Unit: Gland Seal Condenser Gland Seal Condenser Fan Lube Oil Tank Lube Oil Coolers Lube Oil Filters Main Oil Pump Main Oil Motor Emergency oil Pump Emergency Oil Pump Motor Lube Oil Tank Heater Jacking Oil Pump Jacking Oil Pump Motor Oil Vapour Fan Oil Vapour Fan Motor Hydraulic Supply System Unit Skid Turbine Drain Return System Turbine Generator Turbine Generator Exciter Vibration Monitoring System DCS System HRSG’s – BO-101 & BO-102 High Pressure Boiler Manufacturer                                                                          Foster Wheeler LTD High Pressure Boiler Design Pressure                                   1105 PSIG High Pressure Boiler Heating Surface                                   116161 Sq. Ft. HP Boiler Super-heater                                                          1105 PSIG HP Boiler Super-Heater Heating Surface                              31280 Economizer                                                                             RAHM FAB Steam Capacity                                                                      163177 Lbs/Hr C.R.N                                                                                      K4015.5 O.I.N                                                                                       5.937852 Serial No.                                                                                6961 Year Built                                                                                1992 Intermediate Pressure Boiler IP Boiler Design Pressure                                                      150 PSIG IP Boiler Heating Surface                                                       61952 Sq. Ft. Steam Capacity                                                                      27468 Lbs/Hr C.R.N                                                                                      K4015.5 ADD Low Pressure Boiler LP Boiler Design Pressure                                                     150 PSIG LP Boiler Heating Surface                                                      53102 Sq. Ft. Steam Capacity                                                                      10864 Lbs/Hr Duct from Gas Turbine Outlet to Steam Generator Inlet Steel Casing (enclosure for pressure parts) c/w expansion joints Flue from low pressure economizer to the exhaust stack Exhaust Stack 91’10” (28M) Supporting Steel Platforms and walkways Duct Burner System Instruments/Safety Valves/gauge Glasses


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