Siemens 34.5 kV GIS Switchgear & Building

Siemens 34.5 kV GIS Switchgear & Building

1c Canadian West (Prairies)

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22 Feeder breakers (1250A) 

2 Bus tie breakers (2500A) 

3 Feed breakers (2500A) 

36 m X 6.3 m building 

Auxiliaries include: battery banks and chargers, 120 Volt lighting/receptacles, DC lighting, 125 Volt DC distribution panel, redundant HVAC (designed for northern Alberta climate), automatic transfer switch, 600 Volt MCC, 2 stair platforms and stairs 

Preservation measures in place: batteries are acid filled but not charged, equipment is SF6 gas-filled and monitored; building and equipment are maintained above freezing 

Building arranged for cable bottom entry 

CSA and ULc approved equipment and building, constructed in 2015 

Testing and calibrations required 

Pricing and terms negotiable 


Stock NumberAA-003261