2015 Siemens 240 kV GIS Substation & Building

2015 Siemens 240 kV GIS Substation & Building

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2015 Siemens 240 kV GIS Substation & Building

Building is designed with two sections (240 kV switchgear – 36.5 m X 7.59 m) (Relay room – 17.04m x 7.28 m)

Breakers 3PH 240 kV, 4000A bus 63 kA

Relay room with interconnecting panels

Auxiliaries include:

  • battery banks and chargers (not installed),
  • 120 Volt lighting/ receptacles,
  • DC lighting redundant HVAC, (designed for Northern Alberta Climate);
  • 3 stair platform's with stairs.

Preservation measures in place:

equipment is SF6 gas-filled and monitored, and building is maintained above freezing

Building arranged for cable bottom entry CSA,

ULc approved equipment and building,

constructed in 2015

22 Feeder breakers (1250A) 

2 Bus tie breakers (2500A) 

3 Feed breakers (2500A) 

36 m X 6.3 m building 

Testing and calibrations required 

Pricing and terms negotiable 


Model240 kV GIS Substation & Building
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