2020 Eaton 3MVA Refurbished Outdoor Power Substation Transformer

2020 Eaton 3MVA Refurbished Outdoor Power Substation Transformer

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2020 Eaton 3 mVA Refurbished Outdoor Power Substation Transformer

Manufacturer: Eaton Power Systems – Cooper Power Series

Power Rating: 3 MVA – 3 Phase, 60 Hz, ONAN

Voltage Rating:

HV: 44,000 V - Delta

LV: 600/347V

Transformer is equipped with a voltage tap changer

Enclosure: Rated for outdoor installation.

Total Weight: 8539 KG

Control Panel: Control box is NEMA 4 rated. Includes contact for remote monitoring. Refer to attached cutsheet for details.

HV Arrestors:Station class – 60 kV (48.00 kV MCOV) – does not include NEMA mounting pads for HV cable terminations

Approvals: Built in accordance to CSA C88-M90 standard

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Model3MVA Refurbished Outdoor Power Substation Transformer
Serial Number20590000795
Stock Number003478
Transformer Mounting StylePad-Mount
kVA Rating3000
Primary Voltage(s)44000
Secondary Voltage(s)600Y/346

Additional Features

Additional Notes:
Transformer has been factory re-built by EATON Power Systems in 2021.
6.5% impedance @ 85 degrees C
Temperature rise – 65 degrees C
HV BIL – 250 kV
LV BIL – 30 kV
Transformer was factory tested by Eaton after being re-built. Test records are available and attached below
Additional details for the transformer can be found in the attached cut sheet.
Photos of actual transformer attached. See PDF link below for clearer pictures
O&M manual PDF link attached below

NOTE: the ‘fail’ item in the report is explained below by the EATON technician. It is not an actual failed result, but related to their test software parameters.

Arrangements can be made to have the transformer lifted on the buyers (flatbed) transport vehicle.